Escaping Strategic Disunity

One of the most significant obstacles organizations encounter is «Strategic Disunity,» in which team members pursue varying projects with different definitions of success.   

This lack of cohesion and alignment can lead to frequent shifts in goals, which can cause uncertainty, frustration, and underperformance. In other words, if the people or organization are not working towards the same objectives, or if they are not working together in a coordinated way, then it becomes difficult to achieve their goals effectively.

This can lead to negative outcomes such as a lack of clarity, confusion, and low productivity. Ultimately, it is important for groups or organizations to have clear goals and strategies, as well as effective communication and collaboration, in order to achieve their desired outcomes.

Our aim is to help you escape this disunity and achieve clear and consistent progress toward a shared vision.

Aligning Your Team around Strategic Destination

To break free from “Strategic Disunity”, it’s crucial to align your team around a single destination. This means establishing a shared understanding of strategic elements such as your Vision, Mission, Values, Priorities, Goals, and Actions, as well as addressing operational components like communication protocols, task delegation, and progress tracking. By creating this cohesive framework, your team can work together effectively and make consistent progress toward your common objectives.

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